ABB Lighting

A leader in R&D, manufacturing and customization of LED indoor and outdoor light fixtures, ABBlighting is focused on serving the commercial and industrial markets and a commitment to design and manufacturing excellence.

National Lighting Solutions

The optical systems from National Lighting Solutions enable the minimum amount of energy consumption and least amount of fixtures required to achieve IES recommended foot-candle levels.

ELCO Lighting

Founded in 1991 by its president, Steve Cohen, ELCO Lighting develops and markets lighting products for commercial and residential applications.

Globalux Lighting

Founded over forty years ago as a southern California based manufacturer, GlobaLux is the source of a broad range of lighting products with uncompromising emphasis on energy efficiency, superior materials and optical performance.

Creative Illumination

Creative Illumination, Inc. consistently delivers high quality fluorescent lighting and related services in a responsive manner, striving to provide the best value for the price in the Western Region as an ethical, honest and knowledgeable company to customers of fluorescent lighting.

Cyber Tech Lighting

With over 20 years of experience in the lighting field, Cyber Tech Lighting brings tomorrow’s technology to light today. We develop high quality, innovative products with great awareness of the economics of the marketplace, meeting the demands of contemporary yet economically savvy end users.