UV-C Disinfecting Light Wand

3W UV-C Disinfecting Light Wand

Sanitize objects and surfaces with the same technology trusted by healthcare and hospitality professionals for years, now in a convenient and easy-to-use portable device.

Fits in purse or pocket to use everywhere you go!

Home: sinks, utensils, facemasks
Office: Keyboard, cell phone, work area
Travel: Seat tray table, armrests, handles
More: Disinfect any exposed surface!

  • Eliminate 99% of viruses, bacteria and mold in 5-10 seconds
  • Black/Blue LED lights clearly show coverage area
  • Lightweight and compact, fits in purse or pocket
  • Automatic shut-off when face up for safety
  • Highly efficient with low 3W energy usage
  • Rechargeable (USB cable included)

Do not expose skin or pets to UV-C light
Use eye protection against UV-C glare